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The phrase “from the ground up” has real meaning to a civil engineer.

While tall buildings and bridges spanning rivers grab the headlines in engineering, the most important part of any project is what is unseen, on the ground and under it. Dungan Engineering’s civil, site and structural projects get the same stringent attention to detail as any elevated tank or four-lane highway, because on any project of any size, our name — literally — is in the mud.

The calculations and designs done before the first piece of steel is hammered down or drop of concrete poured determines if a project’s site will sit level, allow rainwater to drain away properly, support intended weight limits, reach desired elevations, be within range of needed utilities, catch sunlight or shade for paying customers, and any number of seemingly uncountable attributes a client may want for the spot where a project sits. Dungan Engineering has applied these considerations to the design of numerous public parks, sports complexes, industrial sites and private enterprises, and our frontlines approach to client services ensures our engineers will be there, on the ground, even as a project is still in the dream phase.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that all project goals are met on time and within the budget. This is possible because of our “hands-on” approach to every project we undertake, regardless of size. Our success has grown from our unique ability to adapt and evolve to provide the exact solution and service required by our clients. We continuously seek to deliver lasting and sustainable solutions for every problem, project, and undertaking; along the way encountering some unique, challenging, and remarkable ventures.

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Civil Engineering Capabilities Include: