Civil, Site and StructuralCommunity/Sports Complexes

The new generations are not content to sit at home. Statistics show young American families value outdoor recreational activities, community events, the chance to get out, see, and take part. If a city or town wants to have a future, it has to attract and keep these families. It has to invest in public spaces.

Dungan Engineering understands these facilities are vital to growing and maintaining a vibrant, healthy community, whether it be a multi-million-dollar baseball park or a 50 square-foot splash pad, and our engineers put the same effort and attention to detail into these projects as they do roads and bridges. Governing boards authorizing the development of ballfields, playgrounds and other public spaces have high expectations for visibility, concerns about maintenance and sustainability, site security and parking, and a host of other challenges Dungan understands, and has met, in designing numerous community complexes across Mississippi.

Baseball and softball fields, walking trails, amphitheaters and other community gathering places are often economic drivers in the communities they serve, and it’s easy to look and see the challenges faced by areas where there are no places for families to gather. Dungan Engineering knows that, with the design of community complex projects, the community is just as important as the project.