Water is the foundation of life. At Dungan Engineering, we strive to source and distribute water when it’s good and clean, and to treat and return it to the Earth when it’s not. Water treatment and distribution, and wastewater collection and treatment, are two essential disciplines in the engineering world that affect not just budgets, but lives and communities. Dungan’s engineers take great care to place themselves on the leading edge of changes in this highly regulated world, working closely with federal and state environmental oversight agencies to ensure the methods the company delivers to its clients are effective.

And these methods are numerous. To treat wastewater, the options range from sophisticated mechanical treatment plants designed to handle millions of gallons to small-town lagoons, and all the sewer collection systems, pumping stations and other mechanisms in between. As for clean water, the options are simpler but no less important — ground wells, pumps, storage tanks and distribution lines, sized to supply small communities of a thousand residents to industrial giants who require millions of gallons of clean water in their processes. Dungan Engineering can design all these systems from scratch or analyze, test and repair systems already in place.

Our valued relationships with local health and environmental authorities keeps us in tune with current policies and regulations as well as potential future changes. This allows us to keep our clients well informed and proactive in addressing water/wastewater treatment and distribution systems, either through rehabilitation or new construction, which can be relied on for years to come. When it comes to water/wastewater systems, we at Dungan Engineering stand ready to offer our knowledge and experience to offer service, strength, and solutions.

Poplarville Wastewater Plant
Picayune Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Water/Wastewater Capabilities Include:

  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment
  • Utility Design
  • Stormwater Design and Management
  • Construction Engineering, Inspection and Testing
  • Engineering Studies and Cost Feasibility Analysis
  • Community Development Block Grant 
  • Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund