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Not just words, not just goals, not just an outcome. The Dungan Engineering motto of “service, strength, solutions” are the way we do business, a set of values, skills that require time and practice but wield power. The motto keeps our focus on people, relationships and contributing to the well-being of our communities by providing useful, meaningful and excellent solutions.

Dungan Engineering, P.A., is a unique force in problem-solving in Mississippi. The firm is much smaller than national engineering groups who rent local office space and operate under the weight of their continent-spanning overhead, but staffed with enough engineers, designers, data-gatherers and inspectors to make it the largest civil engineering company operated solely inside Mississippi.. With offices in Brookhaven, Columbia, Picayune and McComb, Dungan Engineering has the capability to provide expansive and complex services to state agencies, local governments, utility providers and national firms, all the while preserving the good-neighbor attitude that allows us to be active members of the communities we serve.

About Dungan Engineering

Our Mission


Our Mission is to keep Mississippi Moving Ahead by improving the life of our communities through excellence in Engineering.


Provider of Choice

While our engineering teams excel at performing as team members in complex, multi-company projects, we also pride ourselves as single-source providers of choice. Dungan Engineering has the ability to handle, all in-house, civil engineering, land surveying, mapping and data gathering, materials testing, inspection services and natural disaster response.


Employer of Choice

We also strive to be recognized in the engineering industry as a place where employees want to work. At Dungan Engineering, the burden is lifted by many hands, by engineers with highly-specialized degrees and certifications; by industry veterans with hard-earned knowledge; by young team members eager to learn and perform. The team operates on a single company principle — we exist to serve the needs of our clients.


Quality Service

Engineering is more than just mathematics. And while Dungan Engineering is committed to achieving technical excellence through our solutions, we understand that even the finest design is lost if the client is left unsatisfied. Our organization employs professionals who understand the importance of integrity, responsiveness and membership in a team that seeks fulfillment of all a client’s needs, no matter what the demands of the project itself. Dungan’s men and women meet their clients face-to-face, get a little mud on their boots and work to understand the motivations behind a project, and they stay by their clients’ sides throughout the life of the job.


Commitment to Values

In a constantly changing world, Dungan Engineering is secure, and that security is earned, over and over, never given. Commitment to our core principles — service, strength, solutions — is renewed daily through the development and promotion of a company atmosphere that encourages excellence, responsiveness and innovation. Our company leadership expects excellence from our professionals and encourages an atmosphere of growth, allowing all members of the Dungan team to learn, grow and develop to their full potential.

About Dungan Engineering
About Dungan Engineering
About Dungan Engineering