Civil, Site and StructuralGrading & Drainage Plans

There’s a reason why construction projects are popularly called “earth moving.” Whether it’s a highway or a skyscraper or the simplest gravel parking lot, the shape of the earth underneath them all determines whether or a project will be a long-lived success, or a disaster.

Dungan Engineering takes pride in its more complex projects, but never forgets the vital importance of the basics — the level, slope and material requirements of the foundation every young engineer learns on his or her first trip to the job site. An inaccurate grading and drainage plan for a project site can allow water to pool or flow incorrectly, compromising pavements and foundations, eroding landscapes and causing general unsightliness. Dungan’s engineers never put the cart before the horse on a job site, taking care to pack in the best material for the job, choosing the right drainage structures and ensuring the shape of the site will not jeopardize the property during future weather events.

It’s never glorious and seldom featured when a completed project is showcased for the first time, but the calculations that determine where the first shovel is sunk on a job site can be among the most important of the entire project.