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Dungan Engineering’s responsibilities go beyond design and construction, and often work done behind the scenes has the greatest impact for our clients. The support services we offer can be as complex as materials testing requiring the use of nuclear emissions, or as simple as providing estimates for a grant application and double-checking the spelling. Dungan Engineering’s array of support services are intended to assist our clients in the more subtle qualities of operating a government or business — gathering and compiling data, oversight, planning and response — to ensure tasks are completed quickly and accurately.

Our company offers construction engineering, inspection and materials testing to make sure the build phase of projects adheres to the plan. The company drone can reach dizzying heights to assist with mapping and real-time monitoring, while our survey crew are masters of gathering data from the land. Dungan Engineering’s bridge inspection crew, with its two “snooper” platforms capable of bringing inspectors face-to-face with every inch of a structure, are in high demand. We also offer mapping and Geographic Information Systems, long-range master planning, community development planning and can help coordinate and execute clean-up and response in the wake of disasters.

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Support Services Include:

  • Construction Engineering & Inspection
  • Mapping/GIS
  • Master Planning and Coordination
  • Community Development