ProjectPoplarville Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation


Pearl River County Utility Authority

Service Area:

City of Poplarville

Professional Services Provided:

Wastewater Treatment and Collection

Construction Budget:

14.5 million


Sometimes you just have to dig a big hole, bulldoze everything into it and start all over. That was Dungan Engineering’s recommendation when the Pearl River County Utility Authority asked for advice on what to do with its aging wastewater treatment plant serving the City of Poplarville. The plant had reached the end of its service life and could no longer handle the wastewater needs of Poplarville’s businesses and 3,000 residents, so Dungan drew up a $14.5 million master plan that started with bulldozers — portions of the existing plant were demolished and a state-of-the-art treatment facility built on the grave. Dungan designed and oversaw the construction of a new oxidation ditch for primary treatment, an ultra-violet disinfection facility and three new sewage pumping stations totaling around 1,400 gallons per minute, with new force mains to connect the wastewater system. 

Poplarville Wastewater Plant
Poplarville Wastewater Plant
Poplarville Wastewater Plant

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