Transportation EngineeringRoads and Bridges

Humans have built roads since before the time of Christ — England’s ancestors built corduroy roads lined with felled trees 6,000 years ago, about the same time the ancient Mesopotamians were paving with stone. Indians built brick roads a thousand years later, and the Roman empire would rule half the world with its carefully engineered roads, which were maintained for centuries and can still be seen today.

Dungan Engineering designs roads, too. There isn’t much demand for log roads anymore (we could do it if there were), but the firm was built on its ability to design and oversee the maintenance of roads and bridges, from grand four-lane thoroughfares of black asphalt to massive bridges spanning wide rivers to the smallest county road dead-ending at a school bus turnaround. We’ve engineered them all. 

Dungan Engineering is experienced in the construction of new roads and bridges, pavement and bridge rehabilitation, traffic and corridor studies, urban street improvements and signage and striping.  And while we’re proud of our highway work — Dungan has laid down long access roads at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center and crossed the Pearl River with a mile-long span for the Mississippi Department of Transportation — county and municipal road design is where we excel. Our firm prides itself on the process of building and maintaining rural roads and city streets, the people’s lanes, projects where the need is high, oversight is demanding, funding is scarce and every foot of roadway counts.