ProjectPicayune Municipal Airport Taxiway Extension


Picayune Municipal Airport

Service Area:

City of Picayune

Professional Services Provided:

Aviation, County and Municipal Services

Construction Budget:

$6.2 Million


If a municipality is going to spend the big bucks on a new wastewater treatment plant, it has to be perfect — and not just for a while, but for the next 20 years or more. Dungan Engineering has designed wastewater treatment solutions all over the Pearl River County Utility Authority’s service area, so it made sense for the group to stay with the hot hand when the City of Picayune needed an entirely new, ground-up facility to handle increased demand. Dungan’s engineers got out a blank sheet of paper and started scribbling, and those marks ultimately became a $21 million treatment plant that featured a new oxidation ditch, ultra-violet disinfection facility and a belt filter press for sludge dewatering. A trio of new pump stations totaling nearly 6,000 gallons-per-minute were installed to serve low-lying areas of the sewer system, and a network of new force mains were installed where needed.

Picayune Municipal Airport

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