ProjectLake Tangipahoa Dam Reconstruction


Mississippi Bureau of Buildings, Grounds and Real Property Management

Service Area:

Pike County

Professional Services Provided:

Stormwater and Flood Control, Hydrology and Hydraulics, Dams and Levees

Construction Budget:

$5.86 Million


Tropical Storm Isaac spun through Southwest Mississippi in August 2012, dropping Biblical amounts of rainfall — the National Weather Service reported more than 17 inches in some areas. Lake Tangipahoa at Percy Quinn State Park in Pike County absorbed too much water, and as the earthen dam began to sustain damage, state officials ordered a mandatory evacuation of residents living below the lake. Fortunately, the dam held, but major repairs were needed. The Mississippi Bureau of Buildings, Grounds and Real Property Management sought emergency response planning from Dungan Engineering to save the structure, and work began almost immediately — Dungan designed and oversaw the construction of a new slurry trench cut-off wall, repairs to slide failures, raised the dam’s elevation and flattened its slopes, extended the low-level outlet culvert and installed a new secondary concrete spillway. A series of powerful pumps were installed to move water quickly in the event the dam is ever threatened with a breach. The $5.86 million project adhered to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s LW-4 Dam Safety Regulations and brought the lake back to pre-storm conditions, with updates to the facility’s Emergency Action Plan.

Lake Tangipahoa
Lake Tangipahoa
Lake Tangipahoa

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