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City of Columbia

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Columbia, MS

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Stormwater and Flood Control, Site Development, County and Municipal Services


What has the Pearl River done for you? It has done plenty for the cities along its 444-mile length in Mississippi — it has carved out town sites, generated endless opportunities for sporting and recreation, created habitats for unique species, provided flowing water for business and industries, served as a discharge point for treated wastewater. The City of Columbia has always made sure to be a good steward of the brown water, and it asked Dungan Engineering to help it teach its citizens the river’s story with the Pearl River Interpretive Plaza, a small park in the downtown area that maps out the river’s length and location in a scaled-down model. The water’s path is cut into the concrete plaza in sharp angles, with each Mississippi county shaded a different color and identified with brass nameplates. The model river is fed from an artesian well that supplied water to industries near the site until the early 1900s.

Pearl River Plaza
Pearl River Plaza

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