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It would have been a hard landing for businessmen, investors and government officials visiting Walthall County and touching down at T36, the Federal Aviation Administration’s identifying code for Paul Pittman Memorial Airport in Tylertown. The county-owned facility had not seen major maintenance in nearly a decade, and the signs of wear alarmed the Paul Pittman Memorial Airport Board, as well as the Walthall County Board of Supervisors. Dungan Engineering kept the county’s nose in the wind by helping secure an FAA grant that covered 90 percent of the costs for a project to crack and slurry seal the 3,000-foot runway, taxiway and apron; add a 6,500 square-foot hangar; rehabilitate the beacon tower; and update security measures around the perimeter. Dungan’s engineers and inspectors worked wingtip-to-wingtip with Dewit Faler Contractor, Inc., to make sure the FAA’s stringent guidelines were followed, and the federal and state government picked up $600,000 of the $650,000 tab.

Paul Pittman Runway
Paul Pittman Airplane Hanger
Paul Pittman Airplane Hanger
Paul Pittman Runway

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