ProjectsLincoln Civic Center Long-Term Upgrades

Client: Lincoln County Board of Supervisors

Service Area:

Lincoln County

Professional Services Provided:

County and Municipal Services

Construction Budget:

$1 Million


When the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors took possession of the Lincoln County Multi-Purpose Facility back in the 1990s, it was a wooden shack with a few stalls for livestock events. After 20 years of calculated improvements and small expansions, the rebuilt and renamed Lincoln Civic Center is now the region’s finest and largest indoor event space, with a full-size livestock arena and stall barn to host equestrian and trade shows, and a 39-slot RV park with water, sewer and electrical service. As the board’s contracted engineer, Dungan Engineering has found more than $1 million in funding, drawn up plans and oversaw the construction of some of the facility’s biggest improvements, including the “Red Iron” project to recoat the structural steel, the installation of complete Energy-Star LED lighting, the construction of the RV park, a new covered entrance to the center and numerous road and parking upgrades.

Lincoln Civic Center
Lincoln Civic Center

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