ProjectColumbia-Marion County Airport Class II Upgrade and Expansion

Client: Columbia-Marion County Airport Authority

Service Area:

Columbia-Marion County

Professional Services Provided:

Aviation, County and Municipal Services

Construction Budget:

$11 Million


The Columbia-Marion County Airport Authority was frustrated the big-hitters in the local business community were parking their finest birds at other airports — Southern Tire Mart, Jones Companies, Performance Aviation, Executive Air Charter and TAS Pipeline Logistics were all housing Learjets and Hawkers elsewhere because the Columbia-Marion County Airport was too small to accommodate them. To bring that business home, the authority would need funding to expand the airport, so the board asked Dungan Engineering to help prove it to the Federal Aviation Administration. Dungan’s survey of the local airborne industries found almost 800 annual flight operations were possible in Columbia with an improved airport, and the FAA laid down $10 million to set the plan in motion. Dungan’s design, which will be under construction until 2020, will make the facility a Class II airport capable of handling the 40,000-pound corporate jets — the plan calls for the runway to be extended to 5,500 feet and widened down its length, an extension of the taxiway, relocation of the fuel farm, replacement of the lighting system, the acquisition of property near the facility and the removal of trees and structures in the southern approach lane. The project also required a major highway build, as nearby Airport Road was rerouted 1,000 feet south to remove an intersection in the approach lane. Dungan also updated the Airport Layout Plan, securing all environmental permitting and property rights and oversaw construction inspection and materials testing.

Columbia Marion Airport
Columbia Marion Airport
Columbia Marion Airport

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