Using state of the art of software and technology, we integrate traditional surveying methods with the most advanced equipment in order to achieve the highest level of surveying and mapping possible. Since our foundation, surveying has been an important part of who we are, growing out of the demand for construction layout following the 1987 Four Lane Highway Program.

Our two experienced surveying crews currently include five Professional Surveyors and five, full-time surveying employees who perform day-to-day surveying activities. We work with a wide-variety of clients including Stennis Space Center, MDOT, electric power associations, municipalities, counties, highway construction firms, general contractors, and commercial and residential developers; therefore, we are well versed in providing all aspects of construction surveying, boundary surveying, topographic surveying, and GPS Surveying.

At Dungan Engineering, we utilize the latest, up-to-the-second technologies and methodologies. Implementation of “Field to Finish” survey methodologies speed-up field collection by streamlining and standardizing feature codes used in the field. We proudly employ Trimble dual frequency RTK units to connect projects to the National Spatial Reference Framework using the NGS Online Positioning User Service (OPUS) and Local NGS Control. We take advantage of our connectivity to the Trimble VRS network for real-time positioning. We utilize our UAS (Unmanned Air System) to create high-quality Orthomosaic aerial photographs and digital terrain models through the technology of photogrammetry. In addition, our usage of Second Order Topcon digital levels assures quality elevation control for every survey project, and, for producing data in connection with our projects. Our survey department uses Dell Precision Work Stations.


Our services include:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Topographic Plats
  • Lidar Surveys
  • Right-of-Way Plats
  • ALTA Surveys
  • AS-BUILT Surveys
  • Construction Layout
  • Orthomosic Aerial Photographs


Our survey department uses the most advanced hardware and software available for producing data in connection with our projects. We utilize Dell Precision Work Stations