Picayune Area Wastewater


Pearl River County Utility Authority

Service Area

City of Picayune, Dixie Utilities, Hide-a-Way Lake

Facilities Built:


  • Picayune Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)
    • Oxidation Ditch for Primary Treatment
    • Ultra-Violet Light for Disinfection
    • Belt Filter Press for Sludge Dewatering / Disposal
  • Pumping Stations
    • 3,200 GPM Transfer Pumping Station and Splitter Box
    • 1,400 GPM Pumping Station in Dixie Utilities
    • 1,250 GPM Pumping Station in Hide-a-Way Lake
  • Collection Lines
    • Various sewer force mains between the new pump stations and the WWTP

Professional Services Provided

Project Planning, Design, Construction Administration & Inspection, and Design & Construction Surveying

Construction Budget

$21.5 Million

Completion Date

  • Picayune WWTP – December 2010
  • Dixie Utilities Pumping Station – Complete
  • Hide-a-Way Lake Pumping Station – February 2011
  • Collection Lines – December 2010


Hill Construction