Drax Biomass, Gloster MS


Roadway & Utility Improvements in Connection with Amite BioEnergy


Town of Gloster / Amite County

Service Area

Gloster, MS and surrounding areas

Facilities Built:


Installed 12” water main to facility for water supply, installed new pump station for wastewater, tied water and wastewater to existing Town of Gloster systems, installed over 4,000 feet of high pressure gas and hot tapped 900 psi main line. 


completed traffic study for new intersection at Highway 24, built new intersection removed existing pavement, installed new cross drains, complete roadbed reclamation of over 1.5 miles of roadway, new striping and signs.

Transfer Station and Voting Precinct

constructed new solid waste transfer station for Amite County and voting precinct that required relocating due to Drax Biomass project.

Office Buildings

planned, designed, coordinated with subconsultants (architect, mechanical, electrical), assisted with construction administration in two office buildings.

Professional Services Provided:

Planning, Design and Construction Administration

Construction Budget:

Road - $1,378,293; Utilities - $702,861; Transfer Station & Voting Precinct - $1,208,000, Office Buildings - $1,740,000

Completion Date:

Utilities December 2014, Road January 2015, Transfer Station and Voting June 2014, Office Buildings August 2014


W.E. Blain & Sons Inc (Road), Hemphill Construction Company (Utilities- Gas, Water, Wastewater), Clark Construction, Inc of Mississippi – Voting Precinct and Transfer Station, Office Buildings - Diversified Construction Services, Inc. Madison, MS (http://dcscorp.net/portfolio/drax-biomass/ )