Downtown Brookhaven Improvements Project


The City of Brookhaven had a problem on their hands; there was not enough parking to meet the needs of the growing retail, dining, and business life of Downtown Brookhaven. There was no available space downtown to add additional parking lots and all of the current on street parking were being used to capacity. The existing streets in Downtown Brookhaven allowed for angled parking on one side and parallel parking on the other side of the street. Dungan Engineering was given the opportunity to solve this issue facing the City of Brookhaven.

After some planning, research and deliberation it was decided that the best option for enhancing Downtown Brookhaven’s roadway infrastructure would be to convert Railroad Avenue and Whitworth Avenue from two-way traffic to one-way traffic. This conversion would allow for double angled street-side parking, increasing the total number of parking spaces downtown by 43 parking spaces. This project required precise coordination between the Engineer, Contractor, City, and Public. The work was performed 24 hours a day to allow for the most seamless transition possible from two-way traffic to one-way. This allowed for a street to be closed at 5 PM one day and be reopened by 5 PM the following day as a one-way street. The project and construction went without a hitch and produced a product that all involved is proud to display in one the most thriving downtown areas in our state.


City of Brookhaven

Service Area

Brookhaven’s Central Business District

Facilities Built:

Roadway resurfaces

21,000 Sq. Yds. of roadway resurfaced. This included transforming two road from two-way traffic to one-way traffic allowing for double angled parking.

This added 43 on-street parking spaces to Brookhaven’s Central Business District.

This transformation included a traffic study on the downtown area to determining the most advantageous traffic flow and control.


Planning, Pavement Design, Traffic Engineering, Construction Administration




June 8, 2017


Dickerson & Bowen, Traffic Control Products