Brookhaven Lincoln County Airport Improvements

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Dungan Engineering has completed a number of projects for this airport over the last 10 years that include hangar demolition, followed by earthwork and final grading for a new hangar, taxiway extension, clear zone improvements, and pavement preservation. Dungan Engineering has provided all engineering services, from design through construction. The Dungan Engineering team has embarked on an Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP) which is a document that will serve as a planning tool for prioritizing future airport development and capital needs over a 10 year period. The FAA is funding the effort and it will also use the documents to serve as a basis to distribute funds to the airport. In conjunction with the ACIP, Dungan Engineering is preparing a new Airport Layout Plan (ALP) which will show the existing and proposed airport facilities developed under the ACIP.


City of Brookhaven

Service Area

Lincoln County / Brookhaven & the Federal Airspace

Facilities Built:

Hangar Demolition and New Taxiway:

The first phase of this multiyear project included demolition of two unusable hangars that provided a new area for taxiway extension and two new sites for larger multi-purpose hangars. This project was completed using competitive Multi-modal Grant funds through the Mississippi Department of Transportation Aviation Division.

New hangar construction and airport lighting:

After completing the taxiway extension the airport pursued building a new state of the art 70’x120’ hangar that would support larger aircraft that uses the facility. The hangar has served as a multipurpose hangar and has been vital in serving our industrial park clients. In addition to the hangar, new LED taxiway lighting was installed and a paved parking lot adjacent to the terminal building.

Runway Protection Zone Clearing & Pavement Rehabilitation:

The next phase of the airport improvements included clearing the Runway Protection Zones 4 and 22. This included clearing, grubbing and re-grassing over 35 acres of land on airport property.

Runway Cracking Sealing and Pavement Markings:

Airport pavement condition is crucial to providing an adequate surface for aircraft to take off and land in a safe manner. Airport pavement is a complex structure involves four characteristics: the subgrade, the paving materials, the characteristic for the applied loads and the climate in which the airport exists. In an effort to protect, preserve and extend the life of the existing pavement on the 75’ x 5,000’ runway, the apron and taxiway area a cracking seal project was completed. This process began by completing a Pavement Condition Index study of the runway and apron areas. This provided the analytical data that warranted the completion of a pavement preservation project. This project included cleaning all cracks and sealing with asphaltic material. The PCI study also provided information to the FAA to start future planning of a complete runway rehabilitation. In addition to crack sealing, the apron area was also overlayed with Hot Mix Asphalt. A[er curing of the asphalt and crack sealing surface all surfaces were re-striped with highly reflective paint. The airport received immediate commendations from airport users. This runway visibly was increased greatly at night which improved safety.


Planning, Design, Construction Inspection, Testing, Land Surveying, and General Project Assistance


$1.27 Million