A 5-acre site in the central part of Picayune with a rich history has been converted to a vibrant green space, known now as the Crosby Commons. This space is utilized by the City and community members for events and gatherings to be enjoyed by all. The 1/3 mile walking trail allows for an enjoyable place for a sunny day stroll. While the 54′ X 28′ outdoor stage allows for performances to be held at the Crosby Commons.


City of Picayune

Service Area:

Picayune and Pearl River County MS

Facilities Built:

Everything that is done in Picayune is a Team effort. The strength of the Picayune Team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the Picayune team.

Stage & Restrooms

The outdoor 54′ X 28′ stage, complete with private bathrooms for performers, a changing room, a sound/equipment room and bathrooms for the public. We placed tinted glass windows at the top of the stage to allow natural lighting and gives the stage an airy look.

Walkway Lighting

We began construction on the 1/3 mile 10-foot-wide, asphalt track in 2015. The entire community was ecstatic when they were able to begin walking around the track in November of 2016. The wrought iron fence was installed to be a safety barrier to allow the children to run and play while parents walk or jog free of worry of the traffic along Goodyear Boulevard.

Commons Area

The City applied for grants to help with funding Crosby Commons. City of Picayune was awarded a grant of $100,000.00 by the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation. With this grant award, we could get started on the Main Entrance made of recycled bricks from the Crosby Memorial Hospital and put the wrought iron fence around the 5 acres. Then a grant was applied for and awarded by the Mississippi Department of Transportation for $400,000.00.

Professional Services Provided

Planning, Design, Construction Administration and Inspection

Construction Budget

$1.1 Million

Completion Date

December 2017


T.L. Wallace