For more than 20 years, Dungan Engineering has assisted in the development of various parks, lakes, and recreational facilities in the area in which we work and live. Our professional design team takes special concern for any opportunity that arises to better the environment, economy, and social realms in our communities. Whether it be the development of a state of the art youth sports complex such as the one built in Lincoln County, the captivating Pearl River Plaza created in Downtown Columbia, or the crucial dam reconstruction at Percy Quin State Park, Dungan Engineering is up to the task of innovative design and construction.

Our core values: service, strength, and solutions propel us to new heights in development of our local parks, lakes, and recreational facilities. Our deep rooted care and respect for our communities drive the design that results in state of the art facilities for the use of the public’s enjoyment. Our experienced team at Dungan Engineering stands ready to help your community, from feasibility planning to ribbon cutting of your dream park, lake, or recreational facility.