North Pike Water Association Contract #3 Storage Tank Rehabilitation

Project Owner:

North Pike Water Association

Project Manager:

Brock White

Dungan Project #:


Refundable: No

Pre-Bid Conference: 02/20/2020 2:00 PM

Bid Date and Time: 03/05/2020 @ 3:00 PM

P&S Cost:


Engineer Estimate:

Will post when confirmed

Only bids from contractors who received bidding documents from Dungan Engineering or when applicable from the designated electronic bidding site will be opened.


Utility Service Co., Inc.Jessica Odom
P: 478-987-0303
F: 478-987-9657
Stephens TPS, Inc.Joel Stephens
P: 601-786-0698
F: 601-786-0697
Tank Pro, Inc.Angie Cheek
P: 205-861-0064
F: 205-750-0464
Diamond Enterprise, Inc.Archie Wilkins
P: 601-225-7595
F: 601-225-7488
Maguire Iron, Inc.Megan Koster
P: 605-324-9749
F: 605-334-9752