Lincoln County School District Enterprise Attendance Center Roof Rehabilitation and Replacement

Project Owner:

Lincoln County School District

Project Manager:

Ryan Holmes

Dungan Project #:


Refundable: No

Pre-Bid Conference: N/A

Bid Date and Time: 10/30/2020 @ 10:00 AM

P&S Cost:

No charge for the electronic copy of the contract documents and construction plans. For a paper copy is $100.00 payment, which is not refundable.

Engineer Estimate:

Only bids from contractors who received bidding documents from Dungan Engineering or when applicable from the designated electronic bidding site will be opened.


Thompson Tree & Spraying Service, Inc. - DBA Live Oak Ronald Hall
P: 601-445-8203
F: 601-446-8097
Malone Roofing Services, LLCMary Abt
P: 601-352-5940
F: 601-362-5944
Rowell Roofing, Inc.Carla Whaley
P: 601-736-9494
F: 601-736-8015
Cupit & Cupit Construction Co., LLCMalcom Cupit
P: 601-757-9046
F: 601-833-1142
R. K Wallace Construction, Inc.Robert Wallace
P: 601-303-7095
F: n/a
R & R Sheet Metal, Inc.Burt Rowell
P: 601-736-6886
F: 601-731-3081
Independent Roofing Systems, Inc.Larry Montpelier
P: 601-922-7301
F: 601-922-3404
Owen Holland and Sons, LLCBen Holland
P: 601-384-3156
F: 601-384-3158
Halley Construction, LLCJonathan Halley
P: 601-754-2005
F: 601-300-4713