Jefferson Davis County Board of Supervisors – Project SAP-33(50) West St. Stephens Road

Project Owner:

Jefferson Davis County Board of Supervisors

Project Manager:

H. Les Dungan, III P.E.

Dungan Project #:


Refundable: No

Pre-Bid Conference: No

Bid Date and Time: 05/11/2021 @ 10:00 AM

P&S Cost:


Engineer Estimate:


Only bids from contractors who received bidding documents from Dungan Engineering or when applicable from the designated electronic bidding site will be opened.


Magco, Inc.Steven Mitchell
P: 601-425-0037
F: 601-425-9480
Ellis Dozer Service, LLCMike Ellis
P: 601-752-2007
F: 601-752-5100
Hemphill Construction Company, Inc.Lynn Campbell
P: 601-326-9102
F: 601-932-2550
Oddee Smith Construction, Inc.Joel Smith
P: 601-833-5171
F: 601-833-5189
Beacon Construction, LLCAmanda Skidmore
P: 601-736-2199
F: 601-736-2249
Joe McGee Construction Company, Inc.Shea Schuler
P: 601-775-3754
F: 601-775-3785