For more than 20 years, Dungan Engineering has assisted various municipalities, utility authorities, and private developers with planning, design, and construction administration of wastewater treatment and distribution systems. Our professional design team works closely with our clients and their operators from project creation to project implementation to ensure an environmentally sound wastewater system is in place which meets State and Federal regulations. Whether it be sophisticated mechanical treatment plants, pond treatment works, gravity sewer main, lift stations, or low pressure sewer systems for communities, Dungan Engineering is prepared to offer a vast array of services to meet your wastewater needs.

Our valued relationships with local environmental authorities keeps us in tune with current policies and regulations as well as potential future changes. This allows us to keep our clients well informed and proactive in addressing wastewater treatment and distribution systems, either through rehabilitation or new construction, which can be relied on for years to come. When it comes to wastewater systems, we at Dungan Engineering stand ready to offer our knowledge and experience to offer service, strength, and solutions.