Project Information

  • Client : Lawrence County Board of Supervisors
  • Service Area : Lawrence, Marion, Walthall and Jefferson Davis Counties, Mississippi
  • Facilities : 6.6 Miles of New Highway Construction; 5,025 ft Bridge over Pearl River; 3 Additional Bridges, 2 Box Bridges, over 4,400 ft of concrete pipe
  • Professional Services Provided : Planning, Environmental, Design, Construction Engineering and Inspection, Materials Testing, and Construction Surveying
  • Construction Budget : $25,000,000
  • Completion Date : August 2010
  • Contractor : T.L. Wallace Construction, Inc.

Pearl River Bridge

What was once a Lawrence County initiative, turned into a multi-county project to meet the community’s transportation needs. Dungan Engineering Project Manager, Jeff Dungan, said this project was a long time in the making, but the potential benefit of millions of dollars saved in transportation costs by local residents, businesses, and industries, make it worth the wait. Dungan, along with Project Engineer, Tate Robertson, and his team, engineered a 5,000’ bridge that spans the entire flood plain of the Pearl River along with 6 miles of highway connecting Highway 13 to Highway 587 which completes the first of a three-phase project. The second phase of this project is currently “shovel ready” but awaiting funding and will connect Highway 587 to Highway 27. The total extension is 20 miles long bringing Highway 13 at Goss and Highway 44 at Jayess together and connecting these two communities. This project demonstrates what can be accomplished when communities work together to accomplish common goals.