Dungan Engineering, P.A. boasts a well equipped 3,400 square foot materials laboratory, outfitted and maintained to the highest level and certification.  Employing approximately 8 experienced and certified Materials Testing Technicians, Dungan’s field and lab personnel are capable of performing a variety of tests on soils, concrete, and asphalt.  Our staff routinely provides construction inspection and testing under the direction of a project engineer, ensuring at every stage that safety and quality are never compromised.  Our extensive experience includes significant work in construction inspection and materials testing for roadway projects.  We frequently provide material testing services and solutions in conjunction with State Aid and MDOT, as well in partnership with private developers, architects, and contractors.

Our Construction Materials Testing Facility is equipped to perform a wide array of tests and analyses, including but not limited to:


  • Soil sieve analysis on fine/coarse grain soils
  • Atterberg limits on fine/ coarse grain soils
  • Moisture density relations of soils
  • Soil permeability fine/coarse grain
  • Silt and clay determination of fine grain soils
  • Soil cement design
  • Soil lime design
  • California bearing ratio tests
  • Routine classification for construction projects.



  • Concrete compressive strength
  • Unit weight of concrete
  • Air content concrete
  • Slump in concrete
  • Fine/coarse aggregate sieve analysis
  • Concrete mix design


Asphalt (Bituminous Materials)

  • Asphalt density in place nuclear method
  • Lab testing of asphalts using the Marshall method
  • Lab testing of asphalts using the Gyratory method