No one can predict when a natural disaster will strike, and even with ample warning, the effects can be devastating. Dungan is dedicated to leading the charge to assist communities in both preparedness and recovery. Paving the way for emergency solutions before a catastrophic event is just as important as the cleanup efforts immediately following. We are committed to having boots on the ground as quickly as possible in order to assist with response and recovery. In situations with the luxury of prep time (such as hurricanes) we position crews onsite beforehand to quickly react and provide damage assessments as soon as the storm passes. For events with little or no warning time (such as tornados) we’re able to have crews onsite within 8-12 hours to assist with response. Our teams, along with crews from our sister company DebrisTech, can assist with debris estimation, debris monitoring, and all elements of debris removal. We also are available to assist local EMA’s with damage assessments to determine both public and individual assistance. By maintaining relationships with FEMA and state agencies, we’re able to streamline the reimbursement process, making sure things return to normal as quickly as possible. At Dungan Engineering, we understand the importance of disaster recovery, that’s why we proud to offer our service, our strength, and our solutions to help make recovery a reality.

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