Marion County Board of Supervisors – Bluff Street Park Loading/Unloading Platform

Project Owner: Marion County Board of Supervisors

Project Manager: Tate Robertson

Dungan Project #: 1693C006

P&S Cost: $200.00 or Bidders choosing to submit electronically are required to contact the Marion County Board of Supervisors at 601-736-1232 for information regarding electronic bidding requirements.

Refundable: No

Pre-Bid Conference:

Bid Date and Time: 06/08/2018 @ 10:00 AM

Only bids from contractors who received bidding documents from Dungan Engineering or when applicable from the designated electronic bidding site will be opened.

Engineer Estimate:

Concrete sidewalks, precast concrete elevated platform, timber loading/unloading platform, and other related items of work.


MGD Holdings, LLC Clay Broom
P: 601-943-5670
F: 601-943-8408
T. L. Wallace Construction, Inc. Courtney King
P: 601-736-4525
F: 601-736-3401

Suppliers/Plan Rooms

Statewide PlanRoom of MS Randy Anderson
P: 662-231-2682
F: 601-336-6379

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